07 May 2014


... to a whimsical wonderland amid the wilderness of the world wide web <(:-)

This is the official blog of 2014 Happenstance Border Morris Poet in Residence Felicity Teague (me).

Happenstance Border Morris is a mixed side, based in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. For further info, do visit their website: http://www.happenstance-winchcombebordermorris.co.uk/homepage.htm

I was invited to be P-i-R by Cressida Pryor, 2014 Squire, after I sent her a poem describing Happenstance’s performance of ‘Isbourne’ at my own dear parents’ ruby wedding anniversary celebrations, in August 2012 (see next post). I enjoyed all the dances, but this one in particular had inspired me to write. Later I remembered that Mr T. himself had written the music! I posted the poem on my Facebook page as part of a Note in January this year and my friend Mary-Ann Johnson (daughter of talented Happenstance musicians Gwilym and Carol Davies) suggested that Happenstance might like it. And to my surprise and delight, they did!

I started writing poetry while recuperating from three weeks spent in hospital during February 2011. This stay in hospital had been unpleasant for a variety of reasons, but none more so than an incident involving a careless technician, massive machinery, and my right leg! As I’d had arthritis since 1990, I sustained a permanent knee injury, which is why I’m unable to walk.

Taking its cue from those dark days, my first theme for my poetry was Horrible Health. However, in time I moved on to cheerier topics, including Morris performance!

Happy reading!